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Saspol Pavilion by Moljoks

The Saspol Pavilion is perched on a beautiful cliff along a tributary of the Indus River and is wrapped halfway around a beautifully conserved heritage home of the Moljoks family at Saspol, from where the fine dining restaurant takes its name.

A Pavilion with its nature of space signifies exclusivity. The architectural history of royal courts and the deeper spatial significance of the pavilion design have inspired many contemporary architectural projects. An aim of this pavilion is to create an extension of the Moljoks Heritage for leisure and the curated dining experience.

The layout of this restaurant pavilion has four quarters arranged orthogonally; it can serve around 50 guests indoors and outdoors combined. A variety of seating arrangements can accommodate intimate indoor dining, large group dining, outdoor deck experience, casual bar, seating around a bonfire pit and live musical performance.

The unique nature of the space is centered around the progressive structural design of the pavilion and a plus-shaped nave with a clerestory above. The Poplar beams and rafters are arranged diagonally to the layout, weaving the structure together in a unique fashion. The pavilion has an unusual drama of natural light combined with the rhythmic alignment of structural elements. The pavilion is designed with a variety of timberwork imitating the mannerisms of wabi-sabi. A water stream passing through the restaurant adds a layer of auditory sensory experience to the quaint spatial experience of the pavilion.

The pavilion is airy with ample cross ventilation providing a cool summertime experience, and for a comfortable spring and autumn experience, 270 degrees of double glazing is oriented mostly South and Westward for a better solar energy gain. The flooring of the pavilion is made with black slate stones, storing the solar energy gained from the low-angled Sun and providing warmth for a longer duration.

Year / 2023

Saspol, Ladakh

Status / Built

Type / Hospitality

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