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Yoga Pavilion

Yoga pavilion is a handcrafted crown jewel of an addition to Ladakh Sarai, a resort situated in a scenic village near the main town of Leh, Ladakh. Modular and easily assembled portal frame structure of the pavilion gets partial inspiration in the tent of the local nomadic culture and spatial experience of Buddhist monasteries.

The design and experience of the space attract travellers with sensibility, initiating a story and awareness toward the local culture around. The pavilion provides a panoramic view of surrounding while practising Yoga or any other activity. The double glazed openable windows along with insulated floor and roof keep the space comfy during any time of the day.

At the core, Yoga pavilion is a modular handcrafted portal frame structure. Each square module formed by these portals is 5 x 5 m. The portal frame is made of timber, which is simply placed on the stone base on an existing building terrace. The simply supported structural design is physically non-intrusive to the ground.

Year / 2018

Sarai Resort, Saboo

Status / Built

Type / Hospitality

Artisans Team / Ramesh k, Vinod k, Dependra, Firoz

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