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Conservation and Adaptive Reuse of Palay House

In collaboration with Achi Association India

The Palay house is located in an old cluster of Phey village houses which have been abandoned by the newer generation. These modest and earthen village houses built incrementally over a period of 200-300 years ago are now in a dilapidated condition and need revival.

The project aims to be a Makerspace and Research Centre of Himalayan material culture. The cultural space aims to be a pioneering influence on the process of urban development in a fragile ecosystem, by generating circular economies deeply rooted in the region's cultural heritage.

The project space will include:
- Residential facilities for scholars and partners
- Spaces for collaborative making
- Studios for various materials research
- Library and archives of regional relevance

Year / 2022

Location / Phey, Ladakh

Status / Ongoing

Type / Conservation

Artisans Team / Tulsi, Brijesh, Saheb, Qifa, Jamsheed, Jokhan, Kismohan

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