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Conservation and Revival of Choskor House

In collaboration with Achi Association India

The Conservation and Revival of the Historic Choskor House consists of transforming it into a fully functional art conservation laboratory for the region and; creating an educational exhibition space on the Heritage and Indigenous knowledge of Ladakh.

The Choskor house belonged to a renowned trader family of Leh town, who along with some other important families lead the famous Lopchak mission to Lhasa (a ritualized trade between Ladakh and Lhasa) making them a rich household. Apart from the robust structure, the most visually remarkable feature of the house is the rabsal which is a cantilevered wooden structure on poplar beams projecting outside the wall.

Several parts of the building were in a precarious condition, with some sections inaccessible and in danger of collapsing. The flat roof of the house has been unkempt causing leakage in several areas of the house, the water ingress has led to damage in the walls and the wooden ceilings in numerous parts. The mosque in the front of the house was demolished for reconstruction in 2017, the area was excavated to accommodate the foundation of the new structure causing hefty damage. Currently, the front facade of the Choskor house with the rabsal is completely obscured behind the four-storey mosque.

Architectural conservation work included- reinforcing and filling the major cracks on the outside of the building, as stabilization of the whole structure is important so that it is more resilient to withstand the weather conditions, plastering the walls on the exteriors and interiors, roof and parapet repair : the decay in the roof is caused due to negligence and no maintenance.

Year / 2020

Leh, Ladakh

Status / Completed

Type / Conservation

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